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Persib Bandung goes to Serui!

Torabika Soccer Championship weekday 14 was our game against Perseru Serui in Serui, Papua.

So we knew already before that it gonna be a very long and tiring trip and so it was!

Wednesday, 3rd of August we left the mess in Bandung at 4pm…10.20pm flight from Jakarta to Makassar and 1.20am we left Makassar to Biak where we arrived Thursday 4th at around 6am local time.

So far so good but now the real adventure began as we need to fly 20 minutes with a small 12 passenger airplane from Biak to Serui. We could have also take a speedboat but it takes 6 hours so we took the plane instead.

Surprisingly it was a very quite flight as we just flew over the ocean to the small island Serui.

But here the journey didn’t end as we need to drive around 1 hour to the hotel in the heart of the very small city.

So finally around 12 o’clock after almost 20 hours traveling we arrived safe and could focus on the game on Saturday the 6th of August against Serui.

As we knew before it would be a though game against a homeside who didn’t lose yet in their 7 home games this season and unfortunately we as well couldn’t win as we suffered a 1:0 defeat after a goal in the first half.

So all in all it was a disappointing away trip as we can’t bring points home to Bandung.

Following a short video of our trip to Serui and a gallery, hope u enjoy!


Our Trip back home was a nightmare!

Because we couldn’t get airplane tickets back home on Sunday we had to stay in Serui to „enjoy“ hahaha our day off.

So on Monday everybody was excited to go back home to Bandung but it shouldn’t be that easy…

…we left our hotel at 6am with an hour bus ride to the airport where we waited then for our 7.40am flight to Biak.

But unfortunately because of bad weather conditions in Biak the small “SAS“ airplane arrived in Serui around 11.45am so we landed in Biak at 12.30pm where we then realized that our plane to Makassar on schedule 11.40am left us and didn’t wait. :-(

So we were stranded in Biak without a hotel and without airplane tickets back to Bandung.

After several hours at the airport we finally checked-in at a hotel and used the day to train in the evening at an indoor soccer field.

Luckily we did get a flight back home to Bandung the next day on Tuesday over Biak - Jayapura - Sorong - Jakarta and then finally with the bus to Bandung.

We started our trip at 5am in the morning, arrived in Bandung at 7pm in the evening…

…what a trip!!!

Now it’s time to focus on our game on Saturday 13th of August against Barito Putra.


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