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1/2 Season with Persib Bandung at the Torabika Soccer Championship

It's half season at the Torabika Soccer Championship 2016 for me with Persib Bandung here in Indonesia.

After 17 games we are at position 7 with 27 points, for sure a bit dissappointing for such a big club like Persib Bandung with the ambition to always be champion especially after becoming champion last season.

But we still have 17 games left to improve and to go up. Because of "PON" in West Java we couldn't play our first game in the 2nd round so against Sriwijaya FC tomorrow will be our first game in this 2nd round. I'm sure if we have a good start with a good result tomorrow everything is still possible for us.

For me personally this first half season and after almost 9 months here in Persib I'm really happy that I signed for the biggest club in Indonesia.

You have ups and downs of course but I am very proud to wear the Persib logo every day.

In 17 games I played 15 games, 14 out of them from beginning.

The critics I got especially in the beginning were no problem for me as a professional player i'm used to it and it just show the love of the people for this huge club, it also helped me to become stronger and better.

But for sure there's still a lot to improve for me, I still learn and try to become better in every training and every game.

Hopefully together we can become even better in this 2nd round to reach the maximum!

Thank you for your neverending support, I appreciate it!


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